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                      Name: The hydraulic static transmission
                      Type: JD-HPVMF-37-L-02C
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                      This product consist of main pump, motor, oil pump and valves. When it works, prime motor drives main pump to make hydraulic energy by volume changing between plungers and rotors.Hydraulic pump provide energy to motor meanwhile the work between rotor and plunger drive main shaft rotating. Then it offer the mechanical energy to execute component.Our HST have more compact structure,smaller size,lighter weight,higher efficiency,longer life and less noise .It is mainly used in driving system of combine-harvester and miniature construction machine.
                      Installation of connection diagram

                      Main technical parameters
                        Name   Spec
                        Displacement   Pump (0??37)ml/r
                        Motor  37ml/r
                        Rotation direction   Pump   Anti-clockwise
                        Motor  Bidirectional rotation
                        Rotation speed   Input  3000r/min
                        Peak pressure   30 MPa
                        Rated pressure   21 MPa
                        Inlet pressure   Not under 0.08MPa
                        Case drain pressure   Not exceed 0.15 MPa
                        Charge pump displacement   7ml/r
                        Working medium   summer HM68 hydraulic oil
                        winter HM46 hydraulic oil
                        Filtration rating   10??m
                        Operating temperature range   -20?桫80??
                        Overall efficiency   Not under 72%